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Integrity is a powerful, easy-to-use solution to read, reconcile and store medical studies from a disc into PACS, or allows DICOM images to be stored directly to Integrity from any network device.


  •     Extremely compact, network-based device that replaces the need for bulky PCs to import images
  •     Protects network security by providing built-in anti-virus scan of all imported studies
  •     Complete audit logging of all studies imported, reconciled and stored to PACS
  •     Reconciles patient data with facilitys own Modality Worklist to ensure accuracy with other hospital/site information systems
  •     Stores up to ten destinations including the PACS and local archive using DICOM Store
  •     Interactive user interface allows users to verify reconciled information is correct and directly edit the study attributes if required
  •     Supports importing and storing compressed studies
  •     Provides capability to preview imported images before reconciling and storing a study