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Infinity LX Medical Image Server is a DICOM storage appliance that provides a simple solution for storing and retrieving medical images.
Applications such as direct modality storage of large DICOM data sets or storage of digital images in an environment without a centralized image server are ideal for Infinity.

Infinitys unique design delivers performance and reliability in an easy to use package. This makes Infinity an ideal storage solution for large, temporary datasets from CT, MR and other DICOM modalities.

Thin slices, raw data, 3D reconstructions and multi-frame studies can be quickly saved and retrieved for future reconstruction or review.


  •     Compact, all-in-one design provides an affordable solution for DICOM image
  •     Optimized for large DICOM data sets including DICOM files over 2GB
  •     Simple system setup with pre-configured settings for non-technical personnel
  •     Web and Windows remote desktop
  •     DICOM 3.0 (store, storage commit, query/retrieve)
  •     Up to 8TB storage (upgradable)
  •     50Mbytes/second (DICOM store)
  •     Drive failure, cooling fan failure, power supply failure, over-temperature warning, storage full, UPS status
  •     HIPAA compliance